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Project Based Grants & Fundraising Manager 

We are looking for someone who aligns with an anticapitalist black and indigenous artistic politic toward acquiring and distributing resources. Someone who is well experienced in grant writing, finessing, community fundraising, and art/ film/design fundraising. We would love for this person to also be an artist by trade but it is not required, even though everyone is an artist in their own way! 


  • Work with project director to achieve project financial goals 

  • Lead fundraising initiatives related to the project 

  • Search and apply for grants related to specific project(s)

  • Connect with various communities and organizations that align with our mission 

  • Create and develop sustainable generative relationships with funders

  • Develop and sustain community relations as a member of the team 

  • Manage the flow of grant-related transactions for the projects the In Solidarity team will present


Compensation: 3 month part-time position (max 20 hours a week) $25/hr.  Contract is reviewed in three months to negotiate salary.  
Application: Please send whatever you believe represents why you are perfect for this job (video, portfolio, cover letter, cv, etc). Just make sure it is in one email and folder or document. 
Send to 

Deadline: May 15th 2021 

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