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First, the curator stewards the story that needs to be told. We center transnational Black Indigenous feminist praxis in our work, with the understanding that Black and Brown have been forced to be transnational. We carry memories of nations inside our bodies and artists often carry those memories in their work. Our independent curation roots in academic and artistic research making it holistic in the outcome and storytelling.  


Next, we create the world of the story through visual, material, performance, mix-media, etc art form. Our curation style centers conversations between the local and the global. We center artist whose values are rooted in land-base work, black feminist / womanist practices, indigenous knowledge, or queer technologies. This could be in the materials, the topic, or personal values that we believe inherently show up in their work. 

What Can We Become?


  • Each exhibition, discussion, or developed piece of art is created with a story in mind

  • A range of prices for the art sold, we want art to be accessible 

  • In our group exhibitions you will find a range of experienced artists from early career to highly esteemed artists 

  • Our exhibitions are paired with an education curriculum and an accessible guide to move through the exhibition 


Spiritual is Political's opening reception is a private gathering of community leaders, artists, friends and family before each public exhibition opening. This is a reservation only gathering. If you would like to join us in community please email us at 

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