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We ask that anyone who shares space with Spiritual is Political community follow these value guidelines. They help us feel safe, seen, and create art and space with our full selves. 

We value the necessity to move through this world in communication with all beings and things around us. We value the need to bring your full self into a space, meaning the way we communicate what our full selves are made up of must be seen as a love language. We invite our members to be open about the ways we feel or the energies our bodies are trying to release. We believe this is important to building sustainable relationships and communities. 

Accountability is necessary for our communities. We are all on our own process of unlearning and learning ways to care for each other and community. We are bound to mess up, hurt each other and fall short. However, accountability is not only necessary but required for us to build stronger foundations for ourselves. Accountability requires for us to shift culture from survival mode and into thrival mode. 

Respect the space, the land, the people
We believe it vital for our members to respect each space we are invited into. We honor the land and the indigenous peoples of each land we may enter. We believe in children friendly spaces, smoke friendly spaces, and accessible spaces that value different bodies and minds. 

Self Care, Community Care
It is important that we take care of ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically. We know that what we carry with us is directly tied to the violence our bodies have faced historically and presently. Yet, it is still our responsibility to find ways of healing through our traumas so we can better show up for ourselves and for community. Know that you should also be able to seek refuge in community and vice versa. We also have a responsibility to love and care for each other deeply. Check in on each other, check in on yourself. Take breaks when you need to, listen to your body. Let us know how we can show up for you and each other. Part of self care is setting healthy boundaries for ourselves and being honest with what we can and can’t do. 

Practice Joy, Practice Imagining
For some of us, joy has not been a part of work. But joy is definitely for us to experience in this lifetime. Practice imagining. A lot of what colonialism and white supremacy has done is kill our ability to imagine a world beyond this. Let us tap back into what that could look like for us. 

Exchanging of Resources/Skills 
We are not about racist capitalism. We are not about money being the only way to give back to each other. Yet, when there is an agreement made in regards to money exchange we ask that our community honors it. We also know that a community can not thrive unless we share the resources - be it social, economic, knowledge, food, skills, time. Therefore sharing is essential. Let’s tap into the ways we’ve been keeping our communities alive, but not just to survive but to thrive. 


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