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Black Shedding(s), showcases contemporary artists whose work reflect on the process of shedding for liberatory transformation.

The story the curator examines are through the following questions: 

Why do we molt? What are collective sheddings? What are the stages of Black Shedding(s)? What are land responses to Black Sheddings? What are we becoming? And what can no longer exist? Black Shedding(s) can be discussed alongside the works of shedding light on/in, rebirth, infusing, transmutation, the science of chrysalis, snake medicine used in various different ways within various different spiritual traditions, and to shed free from. It can be discussed amongst those of us who know that [antiracist anticapitalist anti-colonial black queer feminist] communal practice takes a process of communal shedding. 

Featured Artists: Gouled Ahmed, Mithsuca Berry, Nikesha Breeze, Kaya Dacosta,  Zahyr Lauren, Kavonna Smith 

Designed By: Michelle Moore 

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