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A spider to many webs, Cheyenne makes it her mission to connect the stories of the erased throughout the world. She comes from a political art background through her work as Executive Director of movement organization In Solidarity. The arts have been a part of her life since she was a child, ranging from professional theatre, dance companies, to film director and producer. Cheyenne loves capturing conversations, the imagination, and the ways history cycles itself in our culture, language, clothing, and political beliefs. Their politic is one that centers the narratives, experiences, and visions of Blackness beyond a monolith.


As Artistic Director they center the breadth of Black Indigenous Queer Technologies. Technologies that disrupt white dominant concepts of time, gender, borders, and extreme systems of punishment that have altered a natural order. She is inspired by the anti-space and the way art is a medium of archival storytelling, a means to not only shift culture but change consciousness.


Cheyenne has worked alongside 5th Avenue Theatre, Our Place Theatre, Democracy Now!, Consortium for Gender Security & Human Rights, ACLU, and The New School, to name a few. Their work has been featured on TEDx, The Void Academy, CRWN Magazine, Medium Magazine, Cambridge Arts Council, and The Queens Museum. 

Neope Land, Martha's Vineyard
August 13th & 14th 2022
taking up space


An annual curated showcase on the island of Neope Land also known as Martha's Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard is home to many wealthy Black American families, who have been cultivating and generating networks of black rest and wealth for generations. It is also home to Wompanaak Black Indigenous people who have been stewarding the land from time. The history of the land shares a story of the violence of colonialism and the solidarity that happened amongst Native and Black folks. From a spatial justice lense, Martha’s Vineyard is a place that can be the center of interrogating wealth and art. 

The Messenger
script supported by 5th Avenue Theatre 
Spring 2022

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A musical theatre production that takes the audience on a spiritual journey to answer the question, what is the collective message toward Black Indigenous liberation? It shares an intimate story between a 16-year-old girl and her grandmother about the responsibilities of communicating the messages of the land amongst and beyond one’s community. As the grandmother takes the child on a journey, the audience is introduced to the complexities, sacredness, and love of what it means to take on the role of a Messenger within a community.

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