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Title: Flight 
Iphone 7 
Taken directly after an honoring ritual at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on artist’s native Noepe “land amid the waters” Wampanoag Land, also known as Martha’s Vineyard. A wing appeared directly over The Overton House on Narragansett Ave where prominent leaders of Black liberation gathered; Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Adam Clayton Powell Jr, Joe Luis, Harry Belafonte to name a few. 


                  Community. Curation. Exhibition. 


We exist to curate spaces for artists to produce, intake, and gather to explore histories, realities, and narratives that often go unnoticed or erased. 



We are in a moment to not just diversify existing art institutions but reimagine art making and art funding collectively. We understand art to be the center of reimagining new worlds. We build off of black feminist leaders, indigenous knowledge keepers, and queer techonologies. We know that art must be at the center of changing consciousness which is why we are creating and sharing media in intentional ways. 

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The Spiritual is not about Religion. It is not about what faith you show up in and how that manifests itself in the world. This line of thinking is what continues to cause wars, displacement, antiblackness, and colonization. The spiritual is about your values and intentions. This is political. Do you value Black Indigenous Trans Queer Femme life? Do you value lives that are outside of your own experience? How do you move through the world with these values? What are you needing to give up for these values to be honored? How are you showing up? And from there, as artists what and how are we creating? This last question is political. Art that creates from this question will always search for Freedom. 

Spiritual is Political is a space to nurture the artists that create from this question. 

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